How to Earn $50+ daily playing crypto game – 100% Risk-Free

How to Earn $50+ daily playing crypto game - 100% Risk-Free

I will be showing you how to earn $50+ daily playing crypto games, and it’s completely risk-free. All you have to do is to follow the guide carefully. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me through Whatsapp at +2349026145091 or Telegram – Pinelites

Table of content:

Funding your account
Internal Crypto Exchanger
How to set up the game
Bonus games
How to set up VPS so the game can play 24/7 on Auto mode.


The name of the website is BC Game. The registration is simple.

Disclaimer: The registration link is my referral link, if you register without my referral link, you won’t receive bonus games and support when you need it.

Here is the registration link: BC Game
Here is the My referral code: dlcac5du

Funding Your Account

BC Game has hundreds of deposit options. You can start with as little as $5, my advice is to start with at least $25
Deposit options:
Crypto – Hundreds of crypto coins
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Samsung Pay
Mastercard and Visa Card
Bank Transfer (Depends on your country and currency)

Internal Crypto Exchange

I normally use Solana or USDT when playing the game. My favorite is Solana.
Now if you funded your account with other crypto coins or you deposited fiat currency and you want to exchange it for a different coin, here is how to do it.
BC Game has an internal exchange called BCSwap, where you can exchange your money for any crypto of your choice.
Here is how to use it:
Click on Wallet, then click on BCSwap, and select the coin you want to exchange. The images below give better detail.

BC Game Wallet


How to set up the Game

After registration and funding your account, the next thing is to set up the game so you can start earning. Follow the instructions carefully so you won’t lose our money. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

The first game to set up is Hash Dice,  here is the game link
We will use the auto mode.
How to calculate your bet amount is. Balance / 50,000 = Bet Amount
Example: My Balance is $10. 10/50,000 = 0.0002
My Bet amount will be 0.0005. Don’t be greedy, PLEASE follow this calculation when setting your bet amount.

Hash Dice Settings

Select Auto
Input your bet amount
The number of Bets will be set at 0 
On win – The bet amount will reset. 
On Loss – The bet amount will increase by 120%
You click – Start Auto Bet.

Here is the screenshot to give you more details. The only difference between my own settings and yours should be the bet amount.

Hash Dice Game Settings

Bonus Games

There are 2 games that pay 2X more than Hash Dice. Contact me so I can share it with you and the settings to use.

How to set up VPS so the game can play 24/7 on Auto mode

For you to make more money from the game it needs to run 24/7. You can’t leave your computer or mobile phone on for that long. The next option is VPS – Virtual Private Server.

You can still make money with the game without VPS, the only backside to it is that you have to keep your computer or mobile phone running for a long time. When starting you can play the game without VPS.

There are two options to get VPS: The free option and Paid option. The free option requires you to be a bit tech-savvy, while the paid option is easier to set up.
If you hit any problems or have any questions when setting up the VPS don’t hesitate to contact me.

Free VPS Option:
How to get one year of free Windows VPS
YouTube Video on how to get Free AMS VPS – YouTube Video Link

Paid VPS Option:
Hyonix – Website Link
You can choose the HYONIX-2GB plan – Which costs $6.5 monthly.

After setting up your VPS either free or paid option the next thing to do is to install Chrome browser so you can start playing the game.
Once you start the game you can disconnect from your VPS, the game will keep running. If you want to stop it, then you have to connect to your VPS and stop it. If you want to check your balance, log in through your desktop or mobile browser.


Setting up the game is very simple. The VPS option is not mandatory but it will help you to earn 24/7 so you can focus on other things.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me so I can help you.
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