Marketing on Pinterest

Am going to keep this guide simple and straight to the point (no ping pong playing).

This is 2022 and many people are trying to start a side hustle, like making money online and the question many ask is;
Can I do social media marketing without breaking the bank? Well, the answer is a big yes, the only thing is that it will require more work and creativity from you for you to make a sale.

This guide is not about making “$100 daily on Pinterest” The amount of money you can make with it depends on many factors. It is also not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The competition out there is fierce, am not going to sugarcoat it for you, but there is a chance for you to win. If you do the exact same thing everyone is doing then it will be hard for you to make a sale. You need to make your strategies unique, spice them up, add creativity to them.

You can also use this method for Blogging, CPA marketing, and eCommerce stores, like Shopify and co, it will need a little tweak to make it work. Don’t do copy and paste.

That’s the traffic stats in one of my Linktree pages 136K Page visits and 72K Click-throughs, so what am going to teach you here works.

Pinterest is a social media site that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It has the ability to generate traffic and sales for marketers.

Pinterest is a social media site that is known for its visual content. It is one of the most popular sites on the internet with over 1 billion monthly active users. It was created in 2010 by three former employees of Facebook, Kevin Systrom, Evan Sharp, and Bobby Murphy.

Pinterest has the ability to drive traffic and sales for marketers because it has over 1 billion monthly active users who spend an average of 20 minutes on the site per day.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest can be beneficial because it’s a visual platform where people are more likely to click through to buy products they see on Pinterest boards or pins than they are on regular websites

Where will the traffic come from?

Pinterest is a visual search engine with some social media features. A mistake many people make is by treating Pinterest as a social network. Pinterest can be very rewarding, but they’re very strict with their rules, community guidelines.

 Choosing products to promote:

When promoting don’t try to promote every product you see out there, be selective. Choose one category and stick to it. If your Pinterest page is about food recipes, don’t try to offer them making money online courses.
The point here is that when you create a Pinterest page for Fitness and health don’t try to market Social media services to them, even though it might convert it’s really not good;
it’s like telling Nike to sell iPhones. Nike customers “might” still buy those iPhones but that’s not what Nike is known for.

What affiliate program or product should I promote?

Well, that’s up to you to make the choice of what you’re comfortable promoting because this gonna be a long ride. I can’t tell you which affiliate program or product to promote, I see it as the basic thing we all already know before trying to get traffic.

I want to keep this guide simple so they are some basic things or should I say things you can easily find with a simple google search, I won’t be explaining them here.
In as much as I want to hold your hands and cross you over, you still need to walk with your feet.

Now we know where the traffic is coming from and what we’re promoting.

How do I get traffic from Pinterest for my affiliate products?

You need to set up your Pinterest page and boards properly, they need to be keyword optimized.
Pinterest is a search engine so you need to make him understand what your page is for and what you will be pinning on your boards.
If you don’t know how to do it, run this search on Google or YouTube (preferably).
“How to set up my Pinterest business page”
Follow the steps and set up your Pinterest business page and boards.

Now our Pinterest page is ready. 
Should I start posting pics and videos with my affiliate links?

Well, you can do it but you shouldn’t do it. We don’t want to be that average page that Pinterest bans after a few months or that users never buy their product.
In business, presentation matters a lot, how you present yourself and your services matters a lot.
We don’t want the first impression they get from you to be that you’re a seller, someone who wants to drain their wallet.
The first impression should be that you’re a helper. The advantage to this is that they will always listen to you and you can offer them multiple products later.

How do you present yourself as a helper?

Case study; I will be giving an example of a product I want to promote, from there you will understand me better.

My Pinterest Page is about Fitness and health and the product am promoting is “The ultimate keto meal plan”

Create about 4 or more boards relating to the Keto diet
Do keyword research on the keto diet:
I will use Pinterest for the keyword research.
Type in the main keyword and Pinterest will suggest relating keyword phrases people are searching for. 
I will copy out all those keyword phrases. 
If the keyword I got from Pinterest wasn’t enough then I will use to research for more keyword phrases. 
My target is to create 300 to 450 pins for the keto diet, even though I might create more depending on how competitive the main keyword is.
I will use Canva to create the pins, you can get images from Pinterest or Unsplash (When getting images from Unsplash try and filter the images by portrait so it will be easier for you to edit them on Canva). 
Add the keyword phrases on the pictures.
If you don’t know how to create pins with Canva, run this search on Google or YouTube (preferably).
“How to create Pinterest pins using Canva” follow the steps properly”.

Now my pictures are ready to be pinned on Pinterest but am not going to pin them with my affiliate links.

I need a landing page where I can collect email leads. I use Linktree for this. With Linktree I can easily collect email leads without much tech work. All I need to do is connect it to my Mailchimp account and we’re ready. 

Linktree page loads fast and it keeps things simple. I can even add my Shopify products on my Linktree page. For you to collect email leads with Linktree you need the pro account which costs $6 monthly (It’s a very worthy investment).

I will pin those images on Pinterest with my Linktree link. Pinterest doesn’t have a problem you pinning multiple images with Linktree. Your Linktree page descriptions and page name need to be SEO optimized because Pinterest is going to crawl that page. You can also add your affiliate links on the Linktree page.

How to Pin? 

  • Write keyword-optimized titles and descriptions. 
  • Choose a particular number to pin a day. 
  • Use the Pinterest scheduling feature to make your content steady. 
  • Create pins 3 to 5 days ahead. This way you don’t have to be creating pins daily.
  • After 5 to 7 days analyze and find which keywords your page is ranking for and scale from there.

How to collect email leads and market to them?

You need to offer them high-quality Plr products, this way the user knows you’re helping them and not after their money.
They’re many websites you can easily get free Plr products.
Send two to three emails to your leads weekly. The first email (Wednesday) will be a free product like a guide, DYI and the second email (Friday or Saturday) will be a perfect sales email. If all the emails you send them are sales letters they will opt out very quickly. If you send them free products every week they are a high chance they will always read your emails and probably convert.

How to rank my pins?

You can create a group board and invite people to join the board. Before you start inviting others to join the board, the board needs to have at least 100 quality pins on it. Also before you invite a user try and make sure they are active on Pinterest (By checking the last time they posted) and they are very interested in that niche (By checking how many of their boards are related to your niche).

This method will cost you $6 monthly on the Linktree Pro account. If $6 is still a problem, you can add only your affiliate links on your Linktree page, this way you won’t collect email leads.

Am trying to show you what works on Pinterest with regard to affiliate marketing, you need to craft out your own strategy from this. Don’t do copy and paste, this guide is meant to give you an overview of what works and how it works, with this you can create your own strategy.

If you have any questions or need more clarity on some parts, contact me and I will try my possible best to help.

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